Fold Shirts Professionally and Easily

by wang chuan on May 25, 2018

The fastest easiest way to fold shirts known to man!

The BoxLegend will help organize your clutter. Redo your messy closets and overstuffed drawers into the organized fashion you’ve always wanted. It works on any type of shirt including long sleeve, short sleeve, tank tops, button down and collared shirts. Use it for folding your pants, jeans, shorts, skirts-even towels, and sheets!

Neat and tidy folding of clothes is arms reach with this BoxLegend! A very ingenious way to fold shirts or just about any clothing just like you seen in the malls. Even, tidy and fold in a very crisp condition. Just follow the steps on how to do the process and you’ll have your clothes fold like a professional!

Simple Way To Fold Shirts


The BoxLegend is your instant solution to your problem in keeping your clothes neatly folded. BoxLegend is durable, reusable, fashionable, portable, collapsible, practical and pretty convenient. It’s so easy that you can three-year-old child to use and has even been husband tested!

Get your Husbands To Fold Shirts


No Longer Dread Laundry Day!

With the BoxLegend clothes folder, you will never again dread the house chore of folding shirts.  Actually, folding laundry might even become something you look forward to!  The clothes folder is so easy and so much fun to use, that even your kids and spouse will enjoy it!  The clothes folder will turn your closets, shelves, and drawers into a professionally organized stack.  Your shelves will always look professional and your shirts and garments will be tidy and crisp.



Here is clothes folder in action:

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