The wind-up Flying Butterfly
The wind-up Flying Butterfly
The wind-up Flying Butterfly
The wind-up Flying Butterfly
The wind-up Flying Butterfly
The wind-up Flying Butterfly

    The wind-up Flying Butterfly

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    The Magicflyers "Flying Butterfly" are unique accessories for invitations, announcements, greeting cards, or ceremonies of any kind. These unique gift accessories fly out of any card to announce the good news when opened and will fly all over a reception hall, which turns that special event into a spectacular memory.

    We invite you to watch the video below to discover the variety of ways the Flying Butterflies can be used.



    These flying butterflies are very popular for weddings because butterflies symbolize  new beginnings.  Every bride and groom wants to have a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable wedding day.  They wish to please their guests during their special day.  The flying butterflies allow these couples to be even more creative with their wedding preparations, whether it they are used in the invitations, at the reception or in the Thank You Cards for their guests wedding gifts.


    Check out the following short tutorial video for DIY wedding invitations that also shows the 
    instructions for use.


    They are perfect gifts for your guests at weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, retirement parties, or announcements.

    Create a magical moment of surprise...Hide the Flying Butterfly in any greeting card, book, CD, brochure, or under a dinner napkin. Use your imagination for the plethora of uses. 

    How does it work?                                

    a wind up paper butterfly which flies up into the air.

    The Flying Butterfly is a paper butterfly made of a specially designed wire with multi-colored paper wings. It is powered simply by a rubber band. Wind it up by turning the top wings 30 - 35 times with you fingers and it is ready to go.

    Wind up the Flying Butterfly, place it in side a greeting card, book, music or video CD case or a brochure. When opened, it will fly up, spinning its wings as it flies high up into the air. You are guaranteed it will get their attention in a memorable surprised moment.

    It can then be re-wound and used over and over again.



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