Multifunction USB charging Men 15inch Laptop Backpacks

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I love moving from coffee shop to coffee shop to work throughout the day, as it helps me get more creative with every location I visit (plus, I love coffee). Yet, I used to bring my purse to every coffee shop, which made me a tad nervous – my laptop is my life, and if it were to be stolen, it would be difficult to get everything back!

That’s why I opted to purchase a backpack for my coffee shop adventures. The laptop Backpacks is a great option for laptop security and protection. It has anti-theft design laptop protection, which allows you to get to your laptop easily, though remains private within your pack. It also has a detachable USB cable, padded straps, super organizer and more.


Why You Should Get It

This backpack is ideal for entrepreneurs or remote workers who move from spot to spot with their laptop, and need to protect their hard earned possessions. From a smart backpacks perspective, this is one of my favorites as it is simple, yet reliable.



  • USB port with charging cable
  • Anti theft laptop compartment
  • Tear resistant, water resistant material
  • SIZE: W 32cm T 10cm H 42cm
  • Weight 0.9kg