Sound Activated Car Stickers

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Accentuate your car’s eardrum shattering sound system with sound activated car stickers. These high-tech stickers feature LEDs that move to the rhythm of the music and are coated with a protective membrane to ensure they’ll perform in all types of weather.

Sound Activated car stickers. It is a layer of soft and thin sheet be sticked on rear windshield side window, or wherever you feel appropriate. Use driving equipment, plug it to 12VDC power, it can produce beautiful effect.

Using Method:
This product is furnished with double faced adhesive tape and it is covered with a protective membrane, you can remove membrane and stick to back windshield. Moreover, if there is a trouble for you to connect the wires in the car, you can demand to equip a lighter for cigarette instead, the lighter can be directly inserted into car to make lamp lightening. 

Package including:
1pcs panel
1pcs inverter
1pcs cigarette